About values

Fashion comes and goes, and do not last long, but lack of stability in life is one of the main reasons why our family relics. antique furniture and jewelry  are so valuable to everyone, these are the real values to pass on to future generations. Values with real stories and real emotions. So  antique restorations are very important to save our history and memories.

Antique restorations

„ Viestards ” Ltd already more than ten years pursue the antique furniture restoration – Baroque, so favourite in Latvia, Art nouveau , country-style, etc. Company’s masters also realize restoration and manufacturing of the windows, doors as well as making the style furniture from the exclusive tree species – oak, walnut, mahogany, thus providing excellent quality. No one thing – from a small table up to the entire interior of the apartment together – not like any other, there hides the uniqueness of our work.

Furniture restoration will assess people, who like classic, quality and have good taste, because the reconstructed object has a value itself. Each item of furniture – renovated or newly built – is unique and unrepeatable. Over time, the company has expanded its activities – from individual items (furniture) reconstruction and production focused also to the large objects and the interior restoration. Furniture is a special world – with today’s materials furniture or objects can be restored in the unrepeatable look. Company employs craft camera members – professionals, who make a major masterpiece from furniture. Sometimes it is complicated, but challenging to restore old furniture or woodcarving. The end result of restoration depends on the client’s wishes, but in any case, restored furniture would be like as a museum exhibit – particular and unrepeatable in its uniqueness. Sometimes we get in a non comfortable situation, when we should decide – try away furniture or to seek for help to the professionals. In that situation, let specialists to assess item. Sometimes, when it seems the furniture to have been lost, restorer gives it another chance “to live”. Our masters may willingly come to you, provide consultation and assessment or item.

“Viestards” Ltd also provide the interior designer services as well as makes the restoration passports.