A multiform packing materials for inside windows are available now. There are either sticking gaskets. Not only the window frames, but also the glass should be considered as a value. Modern glass, creating a smooth glare, should not be used for old buildings. Old glass breeds a reflection and playing, characteristic for ancient building windows. Glasses must be cleaned up before cutting, then damaged and scratched would be seen and a pane can cut out of the best part. Old glass is very plan, with them should work carefully.

Best choice is glass cutter with a lubrication device. Linseed oil putty should be brake with hands until the fingers dry, after it should be inserted into the oiled groove. Slightly moving frame, carefully vibrate a glass into the place in the way while at least two points of glass touch the wooden frame and then cut away excess putty. Then fix pane with brass or copper nails without heads. Outwards window the connection point then grease with putty in order between the glass and the wood is not water. Sprinkle it with chalk powder. Putty is drying for long time. Upper layer dry up in a week, but frames can be painted in three weeks, when the surface is dry. Linseed oil gets dry completely after a year.

The tar based paints have the best absorption.  The oil must not be heated on the fire for security reasons. It is necessary carefully handle rags used for wiping off excess oil. One may not just throw its in pile, as they can catch fire. There should be used linseed oil supposed for use in construction or deemed linseed oil (a good quality show bright tone). The traditional paints are very efficient, there may be enough even with a single layer.

If the wood is not impregnated with oil, it takes oil from the paint, which already in a couple of years can begin peel off. A window frame glass groove should be grounded accurately too, otherwise the putty will crumble away. This should be taken into account working with traditional materials. After grounding the frame gap should be besmeared with putty. Traditional paints have long drying period – few days for each coat. This process must not be done in hurry. Experts recommend replacing damaged parts with old wood, which usually are in stock of restorer. Besides, old wood far better absorbs oil. It is a myth that the old windows placed through the cold.